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The Benefits of Chemical Dispensing Systems


What is a Chemical Dispensing System?

A chemical dispensing system is a piece of commercial equipment that efficiently dispenses a specific ratio of concentrated professional cleaning chemicals with water into an appropriate container to create a ready-to-use (RTU) product. These systems, available in water-fed and non-water-fed variations, offer flexibility to suit various operational needs.


Why Use a Chemical Dispensing System?

  • Cost Reduction: This system aids in reducing overall costs associated with the usage of concentrated cleaning chemicals.

  • Waste Prevention: Each use ensures the accurate dilution of concentrated chemicals, preventing unnecessary wastage.

  • Sustainability: It promotes environmentally friendly practices by ensuring efficient use of cleaning chemicals.

  • Cost Control and Measurement: It allows tracking of Cost in Use (CIU) per litre or per spray bottle, providing control over cleaning expenses.

  • User-Friendly: Staff members can easily select and use suitable products for specific cleaning applications, ensuring effective and efficient results.


Why Order from Harcher

Harcher offers a wide range of commercial products, including cleaning supplies, chemicals, and equipment. We provide tailored cleaning solutions supported by industry-leading suppliers. Our services ensure seamless installation, maintenance, and ongoing support for your needs. In most cases, the systems are ‘Free on Loan’ provided you purchase the chemicals from Harcher.


Examples of the dispensing systems we offer:


1. Rack & Pump

The Rack & Pump is a simple and effective system capable of stocking up to six 5-litre containers of concentrated cleaning chemicals. This system operates independently, making it suitable for all chemical ranges and ideal for spaces with limited room. It's flexible, interchangeable, and comes with user guides containing information on concentrated chemicals and their dilution rates.


2. ProMax

This water-fed system is compatible with chemical bottles or drums of various sizes, such as 5 litres, 15 litres, and 25 litres. It features adjustable dilution rates, allowing precise measurement of your desired concentration. Available on a free loan basis, each unit is configured exclusively for either bottle filling or bucket filling, not both.


3. TASKI QuattroSelect

The TASKI QuattroSelect by Diversey is a water-fed, wall-mounted chemical dispensing system that accurately dispenses up to four products into bottles, buckets, or floor care machines. Available on a 'free on loan' basis, this space-saving system allows you to set dilution rates using specialized 2.5L hyper-concentrated chemical pods.



4. Smartdose & Jflex

Smartdose & JFlex by Diversey are available in hyper-concentrated 1.4L bottles. Their patented 'smart' pump and bottle design deliver an accurate dose of concentrated product while preventing drips and spills. No water hook-up is required, and these maintenance-free and easily portable systems offer intuitive icons for two dosages.


5. ProDose

The ProDose by SEKO is a push-button chemical dispenser designed for food-service applications. It ensures precise and measured detergent dispensing, reducing waste significantly. With adjustable delivery ranging from 5 to 30ml per stroke and detergent containers available in 5, 15, and 25 litres, it meets the strict standards for consistent and accurate dosing in manual warewash processes.


6. Waredose 35

The SEKO Waredose 35 is a compact, dual-pump chemical dosing system for heavy-duty commercial dishwashing and glasswashing operations. It ensures precise detergent and rinse aid dosing using SEKO’s patented auto-calibrating dosing method. Equipped with a large fixing bracket and a robust casing, it requires minimal maintenance and reduces tube replacement time for uninterrupted operations.


To learn more about our Chemical Dispensing Systems or to order, contact us today at (08) 9351 9800 or email enquiries@harcher.com.au

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